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Feminine Hygiene Care – Verginale

Feminine Hygiene Care - Verginale

Feminine Hygiene Care

The intimate parts of a female is very tender, where high temperature and humid environment could easily turn it into a breeding bed for bacteria.

Our body natural protection will gradually decline year by year. When one reaches the age of 30, particularly before and after menstruation, and during the pregnancy period, there is an opening to the cervix that allows easy entrance for bacteria.

This can lead to odour which sometimes can be quite embarrassing. Inflammation on the intimate parts will also affect our overall health. Moreover, the average base soap and medical cleaning products which we often used, will also damage the weak acid environment of the intimate parts of women. Special care and proper hygiene are needed to protect those tender intimate parts.

What is Verginale?

VERGINALE is the No.1 brand in professional female private parts protection.

The women’s health and wellness cannot be ignored. As time changes, people are encountering great changes in lifestyles, which brings embarrassing worries and health threats to women today.

According to the investigation conducted by Aboluowang news website, a higher occurrence of gynaecological problems for women is found in younger age groups in the past ten years. A closer look shows over 60% of women have sought for medical treatment due to gynaecological trouble.

The concept of female intimate part care has developed in the West for a long time. Royal College of Physician and King’s College London – College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Professor Dr. Janice Rymer suggests that women need to carry out correct cleaning for their intimate parts, which should be listed in the daily basic care steps.

Women today should not only care for areas visible but should also value the health issues of the intimate part.

How Does Verginale Products Improve My Lifestyle?

VG is the leading Taiwan brand which is the best solution to women’s health. VG is the only one to achieve all-in-one multi-effect private part care products.

  • Prevent premature ovarian failure
  • Antibacterial repair
  • Elimination of vaginal secretions and other adverse conditions
  • Removal of the odour
  • Enhance immunity
  • Prevention of gynaecological diseases
  • Vaginal contraction to help improve the quality of life
  • Postpartum uterine contraction

Verginale Feminine Intimate Part Care



VG Balance Cream (50 ml)

Verginale Balance Cream

VG Balance Cream restores the initially perfect balance of your skin and is the key to eternal youth. The product contains Chinese yam and over tens of valuable natural plant ingredients to create an exceptional formula with high concentration and exquisite texture. It is easily absorbed by the skin and ensuring maximum effectiveness in restoring the most perfect skin texture.


VG Feminine Cleanse (Available in 2-pc and 5-pc packs)

Verginale Feminine Cleanse

VG Feminine Cleanse revitalises the private part with a refreshing sensation, activating the youth in the ovary.


VG Feminine Cleanse Mist (12 ml)

Verginale Feminine Cleanse Mist

Odour from one’s private part can be an embarrassing matter. For some women, it puts them off from being intimate with their partners.

Now you can face the day with confidence and start feeling good about yourself. The VG Feminine Cleanse Mist is a fresh and lightly-scented spray, specially formulated for women’s vaginal care. The product is hypo-allergenic and clinically and gynaecologist-tested.


VG Feminine Cleaning Mousse (100 ml)

Verginale Feminine Cleaning Mousse

VG Feminine Cleaning Mousse does not contain soap, medicine, artificial pigments, and other anionic surfactants that could cause skin allergy. The product has passed low-sensitivity test and is suitable for the daily use by the average females. The exclusive ingredient, complex desert plants feature excellent moisturizing power that soothes skin discomfort. Star ingredient, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, protects health while the red clove contains four types of plantisoflavone and is the plant in the nature with the highest content of active isoflavone that modulates physiological functions. The valuable pure plant ingredients can build up natural protection for the intimate part of women.

Fine Out What Others Are Saying

VERGINALE Balance Cream Testimonies

VERGINALE Feminine Cleanse Testimonies

Verginale Balance Cream – V Face for only 3 minutes

V Face – only 3 mins不用靠醫美,三分鐘就能瘦小臉。

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VERGINALE Testimonies

Verginale Testimonies


VERGINALE Testimonies 薇姬娜使用者見証分享

Verginale Testimoines 薇姬娜使用者見証分享 -

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