Face Treatment

BIO Lift Face Treatment

Biotechnologically derived peptide compound that is able to enhance your youthful look. Contains OMEGA 3,6,9 and rich in vitamins and amino acids. It contains the most important nutrients needed by the body for collagen synthesis for a softer and more radiant skin. Regulates intracellular waste disposal for a firmer and more lusterous face contour with no wrinkles.

This treatment does not only repair wrinkles, but also nourish, hydrate and repair underlying cells. Consistency with this treatment is the foundation to a healthy skin.

Does not contain harmful Additives:
Paraben, Synthetic dye free, Phthalate donors, Formaldehyde, Petro-Chem

Keratolytic Enzyme Whitening Treatment

  • Keratolytic Enzyme Whitening Treatment
  • Regulate renewal of cell-cycle
  • Stimulate the synthesis of cell membrane metabolism and regulate body fluids
  • Penetrate, absorb, spread and carry oxygen
  • Deep skin whitening from within

Revitalised Eye Treatment

Contains rich algae protein which can effectively thicken collagen in the eye area which becomes thinner due to ageing. Strengthens and stablises the support of elastic fibers to give a radiant youthful skin.

Developed from Algae, Brans & Mucilage extracts.

Clinically Proven Fantastic Results

  • Replenish and promote synthesis of collagen and mucopolysaccharide that was lost during aging
  • Improves functions of the lymphatic gland
  • Strengthens tenacity of the muscles
  • Protects and soothes tired eyes

Neck Lymphatic Treatment

Neck lymphatic massage enhances lymphatic drainage, promote the delivery of protein, nutrition and nutrients, etc.


  • Enhances elasticity around the neck for a silky smoother look
  • Prevent dehydration, saggy, neck wrinkles, uneven pigment and double chin

Oligo Mineral Face Treatment

Aging, external aggression etc, causes our skin to be unstable & imbalance. Changes in skin texture affects metabolism, immunity & protection ability.

Triple Action:

  • Sensitivity & Secretion Ability (Remove dead cells, Aids drainage of toxins, Normalise sebum secretion)
  • Nourishing & Temperature Stabilisation (Whitening, Suppress melanin formation, Enhance blood circulation, Conditioned, Co-ordinate body temperature)
  • Moisturising & Temperature Stabilisation (Calm, Repair, Anti-inflammation, Comfort sensitivity ability)

Recuperate: Oligo Treatment helps to adjust the skin’s fiber texture, skin’s protein, carbohydrates, fatty acid and NMF helps to improve skin’s absorption, stabilise skin and purifying effect.

Maintain: Oligo treatment matching effect mainly is to improve skin’s texture according to the skin’s need sequence, improve skin’s immunity, so that skin does not ‘break’ easily.

Enlivening Treatment

The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum. The moisture content of the skin will decide the moisture level.

The keratinocytes and lipid-like brick are organized in a stacked bilayer structure that prevents the loss of moisture. When stimulated by the external stimuli, water loss will lead to damage of the skin barrier and it is susceptible to damage. Skin appear dehydrated, blocked pores, tight, dull dark sin tone.


  • Instantly penetrates deep into the skin
  • Replenish moisture, enhance moisturising factor
  • Skin is supple and translucent
  • All skin type

Ultra Sensitive Treatment

Capparis Spinosa, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15 and Flavonoids can inhibit the excessive release of histamine within a short period of time. It also has the ability to calm & reduces skin’s high degree of scalding sensation & itchiness, provide deep protection to the skin. Prevention against Anaphylactogen, resist against deteriorated skin & reduce inflammation from worsening.

The 3 Factors Causing Partial Sensitivity Reaction

  1. Factors of Body Secretion: Stress, emotional changes, dealt a blow, dry skin, alcoholism, antibiotics, drug (medical) injection, natural born sensitivity body.
  2. Natural / External Environment Effects: Change of climate, air pollution, pollen, seafood, micro-organism, animal hair, sensitive to metal. Dehydrated skin too dry, sun exposure, high temperature environment.
  3. Chemical Factors: Chemical substance, wrong products used; skin renewal, soap, shampoo, perfume, preservatives, etc

Renewal Treatment

Natural skin peeling with NO pain and irritation

  • Strengthen skin’s resistance
  • Smoothen uneven skin
  • Whitening effect
  • Reproduce & renewal of cells
  • Nourish & prevent moisture loss

Impure / Acne Treatment


  • Strengthen skin’s various biological functions
  • Can improve sebum secretion. Prevent accumulation and clogging of sebum
  • Cleanse with anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial and astringent properties

Eliminate edema, contraction of blood vessels. Improve skin texture