Why Choose Us?

Crystal Beauty Care

Crystal Beauty Care has been providing professional facial and body treatments since 1991. We are passionate about pure beauty and our customers can be assured in achieving beautiful, healthy and radiant skin after using our products and services.

We use Ortus skin care products from Italy, which are safe, contains no artificial colouring, chemical or preservatives. It is made with 100% pure natural ingredients extracted from plants using organic farming. We use the appropriate skin care products according to our customer’s skin type.

Our beauty services are highly affordable and we provide a relaxing and effective treatment environment for our customers. Payments can be made in Cash or Credit/Debit Card.

We also provide free pre and post treatment consultation on our products and skin care problems.

We are conveniently located at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, a  5 minutes walk from the nearest Downtown Line MRT Station (Beauty World Station). It is also about 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. Ample parking space is available for those who wish to drive.

Please schedule for an appointment with us for a free pre treatment consultation today!


4 thoughts on “Why Choose Us?”

  1. Hi there !
    My girlfriend has some skin problem. Especially for her back. I was wondering what type of service do you offer ? Maybe you have a menu or something like that ?
    I’m really looking forward your answer ! I would like to offer this as a gift for the end of the month ! 🙂

    1. Hi Palanquator

      Thank you for visiting my website. Most of the common skin issues on the back are usually acne problems. We will perform a back scrub using Gentle Olive Stone Exfoliator which aids skin renewal, improves circulation and detoxification. After scrubbing, we will perform extraction and apply Clay and Essential Oil Purifying Mask for 20 minutes. This will help to rebuild skin’s moisture level, balances sebum secretion and increases cell activities. Your girlfriend will definitely love it.

  2. Look very good. I like the images you put in. Just a few typo issues but it looks really good. Good luck with your business!!

    1. Hi Marcia Tousey,

      thank you for visiting my webpage. I am glad that you like my site images. Really appreciate your valuable feedback and I wish you every success.

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