Treating Oily Skin

Treating Oily Skin

Whether a teenager or an adult, oily skin has been the bane of many people just like you. No one likes that greasy feeling and the dirt that accumulates on your face. But there is a solution to this problem and one that is simpler and surprisingly gentler than what you may previously have thought.

Why is My Skin so Oily?

First of all, you need to know what causes oily skin. Overactive oil glands that produce the substance, sebum (a natural skin lubricant and moisturizer) are the main culprits. As too much sebum accumulates, it becomes thick and heavy in texture making it feel greasy. Left unattended, oily skin becomes the basis of excessive shine, pimples and blemishes.

But while there is a down side to this condition, there exists a good one as well. Skin with active oil glands tends to be less likely to show wrinkles and other signs of aging compared to other skin types. This is because the oil keeps more moisture in the skin making it more supple and elastic, therefore there is less wrinkling.

So while you may fret and moan about your skin’s oiliness, it may be a blessing if proper care is given today. But left untreated, this skin type leads to clogged pores, blackheads, and buildup of dead skin cells making it difficult to have clear healthy skin. It also causes a sallow-looking complexion and makes having large, visible pores very likely.

How Do I Get Rid of Oily Skin?

There is no quick-fix solution to successfully treat oily skin. First thing to do in treating oily skin is to get rid of the excess sebum on your face, without total drying out your skin. Too much washing and “degreasing” can actually make things worse since stripping your skin of oil will cause your oil glands to work overtime in producing more sebum.

Clarifying Wash

The correct and balanced method is to clean the skin with a very mild wash. Ortus Organic Clarifying Wash is suitable for oily skin and oily acne skin type. It cleanse deep, softening harden sebum with its non-stimulative formula, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh.

Clarifying Skin Toner

Use a mild toner everyday to clear off excess oils on your face. Ortus Organic Clarifying Skin Toner is suitable for young oily skin and acne skin type. An alcohol free toner that regulates and balances skin’s pH level. It provides comfort and with anti bacteria protection. Leaves skin fresh and matt all day.

Avoid the stronger alcohol-based products. Even if you feel that it gets rid of more oil from your face, just like with the cleansers, you are actually encouraging more production of sebum if you dry your face out completely.

To prevent clogging, cleanse at least two times a day but do not scrub hard, as you will hurt your skin more than helping it.

As it is with any skin type, do not forget to apply sunscreen (NON-oil based, of course). There are alternative forms of sunscreen out there, and gel is becoming a popular choice since it is less greasy than conventional sun block lotions. To be effective, your sunscreen should be at least SPF 15.

Advanced Sun Protection

Ortus Organic Advanced Sun Protection is a moisturing sunscreen, with modern technology and 3 layer filter of fine Titanium Oxide particles. Provides daily UVA/UVB protection against sunburnt, redden, dry cracked skin. Reduces up to 95% less free radicals invasion and prevents aging due to environmental factors.

How to Control My Diet?

Finally, try to watch your diet as well. Refined starches, sugar, and processed foods may aggravate your naturally oily skin. Choose food that is low in fat and eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. Drinking lots of fluids (6-8 glasses a day) of water, juice or teas maintains good skin tone. Keep your vitamin and mineral intake up especially with vitamins A, C and B complex.

It will take time for your skin to get into shape as far as being less greasy. But the effort and discipline you put in will pay off. And as mentioned before, as you care for your greasy skin now, the benefits of less wrinkled, dry skin will follow you years later.

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