Spring Clean Your Face – Get A Facial!

Spring Clean Your Face - Get A Facial!The Lunar New Year has always been a busy but enjoying month for most of us. Prior to the New Year celebration, most of us were busy spring cleaning our house until it is spick and span, buying New Year cookies or choosing new fashion shoes and dresses. As we celebrate our New Year, we are busy collecting or distributing ‘Ang Pows’. We are also guilty of over eating those hard to resist pineapple tarts, delicious cookies, barbequed ‘bak kwa’ or ‘lo hei’ together with our close friends and loved ones for a ‘Huat’ year ahead.

The busy schedules and excessive consumption of fatty and BBQ stuff had left our complexion looking worse for wear. Unhealthy diets such excessive sugar, spicy food, dairy products and peanuts can potentially escalate inflammation and trigger acne. It’s time to give your face a nice spring cleaning.

Do not wait any longer. Facial is a necessity to keep your skin healthy. Relax, recharge and rejuvenate at Crystal Beauty Care. Schedule an appointment with us now, to get a Free Pre Treatment Consultation.

Post New Year treatment promotion offers:

New Renewal Treatment:

Normalise and regulate skin’s 28 days metabolism cycle:

  1. Enhance fatty acids, prevent harmful damages to cells & epidermis;
  2. Produce & renew   } cushion support, revealing plump, radiant skin,
  3. Repair & Replenish } lines & wrinkles visibly reduced.

Recommended for: All skin types, especially those with rough, dull & skin with thick horny layer.

For 5 sessions treatment, you only need to pay $758 and you will get 2 X Free Brightening Eye Treatment worth $176 + Free Ortus Products worth $150 (Usual Total Price $1,126).

New Renewal Treatment3


New Renewal Treatment1

New Renewal Treatment2


Keratolytic Enzyme Whitening Treatment:

Stimulate cell to carry out activities such as oxygenation and transport of nutrients through penetration, absorption, diffusion and regulating body fluid. By regulating the renewal of cells, it improves rough and aging skin, lightening spots, even skin tone, presenting a deep whitened and velvet soft skin.

For 5 sessions treatment, you only need to pay $899 and you will get 2 X Free Brightening Eye Treatment worth $176 + Free Ortus Products worth $200 (Usual Total Price $1,276).


Keratolytic Enzyme Whitening Treatment2


The after sessions facial treatment will leave you with an amazingly clean skin. Put your best confident face forward!

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Why Choose Us?

Crystal Beauty Care

Crystal Beauty Care has been providing professional facial and body treatments since 1991. We are passionate about pure beauty and our customers can be assured in achieving beautiful, healthy and radiant skin after using our products and services.

We use Ortus skin care products from Italy, which are safe, contains no artificial colouring, chemical or preservatives. It is made with 100% pure natural ingredients extracted from plants using organic farming. We use the appropriate skin care products according to our customer’s skin type.

Our beauty services are highly affordable and we provide a relaxing and effective treatment environment for our customers. Payments can be made in Cash or Credit/Debit Card.

We also provide free pre and post treatment consultation on our products and skin care problems.

We are conveniently located at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, a  5 minutes walk from the nearest Downtown Line MRT Station (Beauty World Station). It is also about 5 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. Ample parking space is available for those who wish to drive.

Please schedule for an appointment with us for a free pre treatment consultation today!


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